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So how does the assessment process work.

1. Firstly you book an assessment, usually by filling in the application form.  If you have been referred by a third party, we will notify you with a date to attend for your assessment.

2. On arrival at the centre you will be welcomed either by the administration staff or the assessment team depending on which centre you attend. Drinks are available at all centres and of course there are accessible toilets.

3.  On the day of your assessment, we will discuss your requirements and  some notes will be taken. We will look at you physically, to see if you will need adaptations to enable you to continue driving or travel as a passenger.

4. In the case of a medical condition that affects you neurologically, we may ask you to do a paper based assessment, if you have not already done one. This is nothing to worry about and will not affect the result of the assessment.

5. We then discuss any adaptations that may be suitable to help you

6. If driving, we will ask you to read a number plate to check your eyesight. If you have communication problems we will find an alternative method appropriate to your situation.

7. An on road assessment will then be conducted. If yours is a passenger assessment only, the equipment will be trialled at this point.

8. If you are driving we do not expect you to drive as though you are taking a driving test. The drive takes up to 45 minutes.

9. When the drive is completed the team will discuss with you their recommendations.

10. You will have a chance to ask questions at any time during the assessment and after you have left. The assessment team will write a report and send it to you unless the assessment was requested by the DVLA .

If you have any concerns call us and talk to one of our friendly team

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