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Throughout the interview and the practical assessment the team were pleasant and professional, and it would be very difficult to find a fault or any criticism of them.


I was really happy with the assessment, the staff were really friendly & helpful.


I found the entire process to be outstanding. Thank you.


The admin team were excellent. They put you at ease straight away and explained everything clearly. The assessment was all about helping me rather than discouraging me from driving. The assessment team were so kind. I was unable to use the push pull hand controls and they talked through other options and arranged a time when I could try a car with them in. I am so thankful to the team for the excellent work they do. I went thinking I would be told that they couldn’t help me. That wasn’t the case and the OT assessment of me was excellent making sure everything was right for me and enabled me to keep going. Thank you so much.


I was very nervous due to my present illness and long term mobility issues. Alan was very reassuring and explained everything. He calmed all my fears and I felt so at ease.


Many thanks for all you did for me, I am now back to normal and progressing well.


Found everyone helpful, approachable and friendly as well as knowledgeable. If I had known about this service before ordering my new car, then i would have used it and an accident would not have happened. Want to thank all the staff for putting me at ease and for being professional. Will definitely recommend your services. Thank you for a job well done.


I found the assessment extremely helpful starting with the phone call several days before. They were sympathetic yet professional in their approach. I felt at ease and left feeling that the experience had been helpful and fair.


The driving assessor was very friendly and helpful. He listened to my needs and found a solution. He was also very calm and supportive when in the car which helped me feel more comfortable and less nervous.


I appreciated Davids support during my assessment. He was very helpful. I would like to thank him for building my confidence in very short time.


Welbourne and Flint made a great team. Really put me at ease. They were clear and decisive. They did a very fine job and I am very grateful to them.


I was very surprised to receive the support and help that I did. Keep up the good work.


Found Kirsty and Ian to be very friendly, patient, respectful & intuitive. They took my challenges seriously and so I felt I could explain my difficulties in detail.


Darren & Jacqueline were excellent throughout the assessment & subsequent recommendations have been brilliant. Plus my adapted car is amazing. Thank you both.


Excellent Service


The assessment was helpful, as was the suggested adaptations. Very polite and helpful staff.


I was not expecting a full driving test, but I was very nervous none the less. I was made to feel very relaxed in no time at all. Two people that are excellent at their jobs.


I was very unsure about going to the driving assessment, but the 2 ladies that were assessing me put me at ease very quickly.


I am the carer of Mr Kups. I found the complete team in every aspect to be friendly and polite, from the reception staff to the assessors. They put my husband and I at ease at all times. Offering tea and coffee in a clean and comfortable environment was a great start that continued throughout the whole process. Top marks for David Webster and Emily Jones who I look forward to seeing again in the near future.


I found everyone very helpful. Since November 2016 I’ve spoken to Ian Welbourne to ask for help & advice a number of times & he’s always been as helpful as possible. Thank you all a lot.


I would just like to thank the assessment team again as they could not have been more polite and more helpful in their duties. Many thanks.


Unfortunately I failed the assessment. But all throughout I found the staff sympathetic and kind.


Very impressed with the whole process


Very well organised.


I really applaud the service & information given by my assessors, very focused & they were surprised by how much I knew about what I needed.


Mark the assessment guy was extremely friendly and put me at ease before the assessment and I would like to say thanks a lot.


I had a meeting with David and Emily. It was a very relaxing interview and was a happy chatting time while I was there. They are both a credit to the company.


It was conducted very well.


The staff were very helpful, informative and friendly.


All I can say is very good


I came away with more confidence in my ability than I’ve had since my stroke. They gave me that confidence and a real goal to aim for – Driving again & independence.


Driving instructors were very good. Could not have wished for better treatment.


Thank you Kathleen Moore and Ian Welbourne for putting me at ease during my assessment.


Very helpful and skilled staff. Very helpful experience. I wish we had known of their services when we first had our motability car several years ago. I think they would have been helpful when I was adjusting to driving following my amputation 10 years ago. A very good team in Birmingham. Thank you.


The assessors were excellent.


The assessment team were superb. Very sensitive and diplomatic, highly knowledgeable & I am very impressed.


I found the centre well organised and staff pleasant and helpful.


Both assessments were first class, we were the staff we met. Superb service. It was like a walk in the park. Very nice to me & would recommend you to anyone. I was scared but you made me feel better and made it an enjoyable experience.


Thanking Mark Crocker, driving adviser, for guidance. And everyone else at Regional Driving Assessment Centre.


Firstly, a happy outcome; secondly, the staff were so easy to talk to and get along with. Many thanks.


The team were very friendly and helpful.


Assessment was fine, if a little nerve wracking.

No complaints.


Keep up the good work you do.


I enjoyed my time at the driving assessment centre, the staff were very understanding and helpful. I enjoyed my time driving a car for the first time.


On behalf of my husband and myself, we would just like to thank everyone at RDAC for all the help and consideration you showed my husband. He was very concerned about taking his driving assessment but the team but him at ease so much, he was very relieved, and we are very pleased to say everything went well and he is now back to driving. Thank you all again once more.


I felt it was a fair and thorough assessment, sympathetically carried out.


I was very well cared for and made to feel very welcome and at ease. Great team in Hull.


I was very satisfied with the way I was treated by the assessment team. They did their best to make me feel relaxed and relieve the tension one feels on occasions like these. The area in which my assessment took place was very busy with all sorts of traffic so obviously I much appreciated the manner and way in which I was dealt with by the two assessors.


I was made to feel relaxed straight away by the two assessors. They were very friendly and polite.


The staff at RDAC were very helpful and understanding.


Handled out situation very sensitively and it was much appreciated. Thank you very much.


Having never used this service before I was initially very apprehensive, however I was very impressed with the service provided and felt comfortable throughout, so thank you.


The assessment team were friendly and approachable while remaining professional. Thank you.


I have to return to the centre after my wheelchair assessment. I will not have the fear and apprehension about the next visit as everyone was so friendly and kind.

O Regan

Friendly and informative team and excellent and detailed report. Thank you.


Mary Yates was patient, kind and understanding. She was shrewd in her assessment which was obviously from vast experience. The comprehensive report will prove very useful in organising a renewal Motability vehicle.


Absolutely fantastic very understanding. Extremely pleased. I feel both staff went above & beyond helpful. Very informative. Very experienced and knew exactly what adaptations I needed.


People at the centre (admin staff) were very friendly. The assessment team seemed very genuine. Answered all questions honestly.


Found after the test the advice given was very good.


The OT was thoughtful + considerate.


The anticipation of driving an unfamiliar car was stressful. Being put at ease right from the start was most reassuring.


They were both extremely pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. It was very much appreciated to have the opportunity of such a delightful, professional, independent assessment of my driving following my stroke. Thank you to Emily.


I just wanted to express what an excellent service this was, this has been like a real gift of hope in enabling me to become mobile and independent again. Thank you to all concerned. A brilliant service, a brilliant team.


I would like to say what a nice team of staff there was. Thank you.


The RDAC team at Cannock were very good.


I have no complaints. Professional + friendly.


I thought David Webster + Emily Jones were terrific! Put me at ease, very polite and kind.


I was put at ease straight away. Your staff were very professional.


David Webster completed my final assessment a few weeks ago after a long delay with my vehicle. Although there had been a long gap between lessons, he gave me reassurance needed to boost my confidence. From beginning to end, assessment to completion, David has shown both empathy and true professionalism. He has made me feel totally at ease and given me the confidence back that I had lost and a new freedom to drive again. For this and all the conversations, I am indebted. I cannot praise David enough.


Thanks to your staff who made me feel welcome and encouraged me. I am most grateful for their assistance. They are staff to be proud of.


This assessment has made a big difference to my life. I am able to be totally independent and I have had adaptations put on my car that lifts my wheelchair into the car so that I can travel alone. Thank you.


I was so pleased by the way we were treated.


The staff were exceptionally helpfully and polite, so I was comfortable during the assessment.


I would just like to record that I found your two assessors to be delightful, polite and seemingly very good at what they did. They whole process was simple and straightforward and well worth while. I initially had difficulty with a control mechanism that started to restrict my feet but that was soon overcome. Well Done!


I would like to thank the team at Oxford during the time I was at the RDAC facility. They were very professional and attended to our requirements.


An excellent + first class service in support of disabled drivers. I was treated with dignity + respect which is not always the case.


A well organised friendly collection of individuals, very professional and caring. Good advice always and good contacts given for additional tuition.


The whole experience was of excellent service.


I was extremely satisfied with my assessment in Birmingham. I can not understand why we have not got this service in Scotland as I had to travel down to Birmingham.


I was very helpfully allowed to make my appointment over the telephone as I was listed for admission to hospital for surgery. I encountered the same helpfulness and courtesy when attending for my test. Whilst I was confident that I would be judged safe to drive, this was never the less much appreciated. Whilst I only met two of your staff briefly, during the time I was with them, they made me feel very comfortable. They could not have been more helpful.


I found the whole process conducted most professionally particularly towards the way forward for the vehicle I would need following my amputation. I have followed the advice given which has worked excellently. Also the team were very supportive during my driving assessment.


I found the process easy and a good experience. The ‘test drive’ was enjoyable after not being behind the wheel for over 14 months. It was reassuring to have the assessors present.


They were very good and the instructor made me feel very comfortable.


The whole experience was met with courtesy and their professional standard was excellent, particularly as my driving licence was withdrawn. I feel it was the right decision.


The friendliness was very welcoming as I was very nervous.


Ian was professional but put me at ease – spoken word was clean and easy to follow. The service received from Ian was excellent and I highly recommend the staff + organisation to future users and governing commissions. Valuable service for users like me. Thank you.


I was very nervous about going through this process, but had an excellent helpful and encouraging experience which made me more confident. I have already recommended this process to a number of people.


Really worth doing, thank you so much.


Very good service, Darren was excellent, answering all my questions and making me feel relaxed in the car.


I found your assessors Mark and Mary very helpful at all times. During my driving assessment they answered all my questions I asked and at the interview. Thank you.


I would like to add that the assessors David and Emily were very friendly, helpful and reassuring and come across as being very good at their jobs. Many thanks to them.


This was my 2nd Assessment, as I had an accident and the DVLA wanted another test, so my car was already adapted. The staff at the centre were very kind and pleasant both times.


I felt we had plenty of time to discuss my requirements on the way out and on my return. Plenty of time driving with lots of useful observations which were of great help although I’ve been driving for a long time. I felt reassured without any rush. Very useful to benefit from professional observations.


Very pleased with the reception staff and treatment received.


Excellent Service.


The assessor at the Regional Driving Assessment Centre was excellent. Would recommend your services to others.


Overall service and experience = Excellent

Staff = Excellent

Support = Excellent


As I attended the Hull centre the receptionist was polite and helpful. On meeting Mr Ian Welbourne he was very polite and informative. Upon entering the vehicle he took great care in explaining the controls and created a very relaxed atmosphere. His instructions during the drive were precise and clear. On our return to the centre he explained what happens next regarding paperwork. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and especially to Ian for his professionalism during the assessment.


Both David Marshall and Monika Budde were very professional at the same time friendly and encouraged me to ask questions. They explained everything thoroughly as to what they were doing and watching for. Thank you.


Very pleased with assessment lady and also very pleased with the driving instructor. He said I was an excellent driver but my memory let me down. I must say I was disappointed but I have to be safe for myself, the public and my family. Thank you.


The service I received was exceptional. My assessor Mark Crocker was above the call of duty. He was aware of my care needs and did his utmost to accommodate my needs to the best of his ability. Thank you so much.


Nick Bartleet was very helpful indeed, I would like to talk to him again. He is a brilliant instructor.


Thank the team for helping me to get my confidence back.


This was my second assessment at Birmingham RDAC. I enjoy taking part and the assessments as far as I am concerned, are not to be worried about.


I felt at ease and very comfortable with the service, a good day.


It’s been 6 months since I had my new car from Motability fitted with Kivi K5 under ring. I drive all the time with the power saving acceleration mode. I am much better since coming to the Regional Driving Assessment Centre. Thank you.


It was a very friendly yet thorough experience. I did not know what to expect but your team were a treat to work with. I have already discussed my experience with another stroke victim at the local Stoke Team Assessment Centre. He was very assured of the treatment I received from RDAC and the stroke team has by now referred him to you for his test.


As the carer I felt that the assessment was very well managed and fair, to the point where highlighted issues I had spotted myself were also addressed. Excellent staff and manners.


Couldn’t fault anything or anybody. The whole team made us feel at ease and comfortable the whole time. Many, many thanks.


It is nice to know in the future if we need adaptations to the car we can contact the centre. Many thanks.


The session was very useful thanks to David and Monika for their help.


Generally excellent & was not rushed at all. May come back for future driving lessons if I adapt my car.


Overall pleased with the assessment.


Overall I found the whole process excellent and easy from start to finish. My assessor Darren was extremely professional and understanding of my needs and ability. He really took the time to listen and answer all of my queries. Darren made me feel at ease both during my initial and final assessments. The reports were thorough and concise. Whilst I hope to never need your services again, I would highly recommend RDAC to anyone suffering the same or similar difficulties I have.


I found the experience rewarding.


The couple that assessed me were very professional. They were kind, considerate and easy to talk to. But most of all they treated me like I mattered. Thoroughly nice people and a credit to RDAC.


I was made at ease immediately – although I was slightly anxious, the staff involved in my assessment were superb – Mary and Brian. It was a much, much better experience than I anticipated. Thank you.


Very relaxed and calm environment with knowledgeable staff who put you at ease. I was informed of options available that I was unaware of, which helped me greatly in my choices.


A big thank you to Alan Watson and Anita Bennett both made us led at ease and very comfortable. Great advice and guidance given. Excellent service!!


I would just like to thank Mark Crocker and Mary Yates for their time. They were both extremely helpful as well as approachable and professional. What a refreshing change! You made a situation I’d preferred not to be in, a pleasant one. Thank you both! Thank you and hats off to Mark for his nerves of steel, being a fantastic guide while I was behind the wheel of a car I wasn’t used to. Kind regards.


I really enjoyed the day out in Hull. My instructor and the lady who came with us to test my attitude to drive was very efficient in there jobs. All though driving around was a real test, the next test was from home and I was picked up with an automatic car just like the car I had from Motability. It was a dream to drive, easy to climb in and out, I love this car and also love the one I drive. I found out a lot about myself. Thank you.


It was most convenient to visit Worcester instead of going to Birmingham. All the staff I dealt with were most helpful, which I appreciated very much.


I was very apprehensive before coming to the centre but Ian was excellent, he boosted my confidence and I felt I could be independent once again. I can’t thank Ian enough. I also passed on to my MS group about the panoramic mirror which they didn’t know about.


The team acted in a very professional way.


I was made to feel at ease by Anita and Alan who did my assessment. The feedback they gave me regarding my assessment was positive. Fingers crossed that the DVLA will be happy too. This has been a two year struggle for myself and my wife. Keep up the good work! Expect a postcard soon.


The instruction given is very good in all aspects, staff are very professional and very re-assuring. Explaining both visually and verbally what is required and how to address any errors. Having now driven since Christmas it was a strange experience to drive again, but the instructors again made the experience rewarding. The additional tuition is going well with the recommended instructor, to the same high standards of Cath & Ian.


I was very happy with everything.


Staff were very friendly and informative.


They were very friendly in everything that they talked about. It was very informative.


Top grade service. Excellent. I cannot speak more highly of Mrs Kathleen Moore and Mr Ian Welbourne.


Absolutely fantastic 2 on 1 service. Excellent value for money and worth every penny. My son was made to feel very welcome and the staff engaged with him extremely well. The assessment gave my son the answers we needed. He now has a reason to try to learn to read as we know the theory will be so difficult to pass due to him not being able to read. Perhaps this will be the push he needs. Thank you both so very much.


The team I had at my assessment were very good and very informative. Put me at ease straight away.


I was under stressful circumstances but found the whole experience was made easier by the friendly and kind way we were dealt with and have no complaints what so ever.


I found the staff to be so calming on a day which was very nerve wracking. The manner in which every thing was explained before, during and after was very professional. During this assessment they gave me a confidence to drive after 18 months. Thank you it has changed my life for the better.


The service I received was first class, I have recommended this service to others. Thank You.


I was able to feel at ease during my assessment because of the professionalism of your staff (David Webster & Emily Jones)


The driving assessment was very good. The way that they run it was very good. The two of them are very good at the job they do.


I had my 2nd assessment in a manual car, all went well and I really enjoyed it. The assessment team acted in a very professional and friendly manner. Thank you for your services.


I found the whole team to be very helpful, most relaxing ad professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Many thanks.


The driving assessment is a very good thing because it helps people like myself to drive again and will help also when I want to insure my car again. It is a very good service and I would recommend it to other people who are in the same situation as it may help them drive again.


I felt that the observation of my driving was careful and accurate and corresponded well to my own rather more limited observation. I think it is definitely helpful to have this through objective test rather than mere opinions of self or family. I am glad it is available for my sake and that of other drivers. Thank you.


Realistic testing by an expert is a helpful and impartial advice.


Please say a special thank you to my assessment team David Webster and Emily Jones as I found them to be 5 star in what they do as well as making the experience enjoyable and not in the least stressful. They are both a credit to RDAC.


Realistic testing by an expert is a helpful and impartial advice.


I am an 80 year old lady and had not driven since my stroke in March 2015, I was very nervous but was put at ease as soon as I arrived at the centre. My friend and I were asked if we would like tea or coffee which was very nice. My test driver was very patient and put me at ease. I could not fault anything with the treatment I received.


I did not think driving would be possible. This will transform my life. Thank you.


I was very nervous when I arrived at Eynsham Centre but I was very soon put at ease by Mr Darren Pratt by his kindness, patience and understanding, answering any questions very clearly.


This was a very positive, informative experience. The staff were very friendly and easy to talk to. Any questions that I asked were answered in a supportive manner. I found the assessment very helpful and would not hesitate to recommend this to others. Thank you.


Big thank you to the staff – Fantastic service.


A delay over and above the stated 7-10 days from booking and payment prior to the assessment date being set. But this was more than made up for by the informative, helpful and friendly nature of the staff at the reception. Thank you for your help.


I found that contact with both the Birmingham RDAC and the Northampton RDAC was both pleasant and friendly. The staff at both were great to deal with & really put me at ease. Thank you.


The assessment and advice given enabled me to take necessary action to get back to driving again. I am very grateful for the help and support given by the team. I have followed all advice given in the letter and am very happy to be driving again. Thank you team.


My only disappointment was to discover that I could have had this assessment 6-9 months earlier by paying for it myself!! The DVLA should publicise this facility which would shorten the unnecessary and time consuming profess for many people with a slight visual impairment. Each letter I wrote to the DVLA included my willingness to be tested. Thank you so much to the team at RDAC.


Assessment team in Hull were wonderful. They did everything they could to help us feel at ease with the process. They were very encouraging, kind and attentive throughout the process. Every step was fully explained and all my questions fully and professionally answered. I can’t thank the team enough, I would not hesitate to encourage people to make use of this excellent service. Thank you so much.


The staff made me feel at ease. I was nervous when I first went out but my nerves disappeared as they made me feel relaxed.


The team were brilliant at making the structured needs of the assessment as relaxed as possible. Thank you.


I wish now I had asked more about the electronic adaptations, financial cost of the same and my suitability for such mechanisms. However I understand I can contact RDAC again to ask any further questions. Thank you.


I would like to thank Mr Welbourne for putting me at ease and giving me confidence. Payment was also very easy.


Excellent service throughout, absolutely no complaints.


The whole experience was most interesting and rather enjoyable. The assessors combined professionalism and approachability was in exactly the right proportions. It was a good day out.


The driving adviser & OT could not have made me the whole assessment any more relaxed & informative for both me and my wife. Feedback on all we were doing was clear and easy to follow.


Everything was to my satisfaction.


I had been very worried about going – thinking it would be like taking my very old driving test – but it was nothing like that – and made me feel wonderful. It also made my husband feel much better about me driving after the year I had taken off.


A very professional place. Sympathetic and very helpful. Enabled me to have the confidence to get back to driving.


It was a useful visit and I was grateful that they alerted me to the fact that disability allowances were not means tested.


I would like to thank all involved, particularly, Henna for her patience and encouragement during the driving lessons. My car has now been modified, insurance company happy and DVLA contacted as my licence was due for renewal.


I attended Warwick initially because certain adaptations were not available. I went to Birmingham in the next week. All people met were friendly and helpful. The assessment was thorough and I was pleased with the outcome. I would like to thank all concerned.


I was very impressed with the service. I could not have asked for a better team to assess me regardless of the outcome from the DVLA. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.


I would just like to say how helpful and positive the assessor and occupational therapist were.


Everyone was lovely & friendly. I was not rushed & they listened to my requests, concerns and worries. They offered me a perfect solution to my problem & overall I am very happy about my visit. Thank you very much.



I was treated with respect and received a very fair assessment.


I think that the large charities for people with long term conditions and changing mobility, should promote the RDAC on their websites.


Very happy with all aspects of assessment. Staff are very friendly and made me feel at ease straight away. The assessment was detailed and thorough. Has given me the confidence to resume driving. Thank You.


I would like to thank the whole team for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. My new car has made me more confident and I am now enjoying driving again. I would have no hesitation in recommending RDAC to anyone with the same problems. Thank you.


Thank you for providing a great service, it has helped so much.


It was good to have a discussion with Mary regarding my car access difficulties. Together we came up with ideas and suggestions to try out which was very worthwhile. I had originally intended seeking some ideas from a Motability expert at a car showroom but felt the experience was much more valuable at RDAC. The meeting was an exchange of thoughts and an attempt to problem solve, not a sales talk. Thank you for the suggestions, Mary. I am already trying out some of them and hope to move onto others very soon.


Right from my first contact with the centre and my initial assessment for the adaptations, through to my final assessment and my lessons, I was very satisfied with the help I received. Without fail they were able to support me in what was a very difficult thing for me in admitting that I needed to have adaptations. I praise them thoroughly and I have recommended them to a friend. Thank you.


Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and I am very happy with the report that I received.


Many thanks for your assessment. I had not driven since 2016 so was a little apprehensive to begin with. However it was most assuring and I enjoyed this driving experience and the advice given. I now need to move forward on the recommendations given. Again, Thank you.


I would just like to thank & commend the assessor that undertook my assessment – Darren Pratt.


Thank you for your support in taking this important assessment with me, you were most helpful. I would also say that I was disappointed with my two cognitive tests, which I was not expecting. However I hope that I will show an improvement on the further assessments that I hope to complete on my journey to recover my driving license from the DVLA.


I turned up on the wrong day, there was no problem, I was made welcome and took the test as normal. The lady in the reception was brilliant.


I was nervous and emotional on arrival. The two staff that looked after me were really kind and helpful. I was made to feel at ease straight away. The whole experience was very positive and I’m thrilled I can have some help with my driving. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.


Most impressed with the overall service. I attended by myself and felt a little anxious, but there was no need as the entire assessment was help in a courteous and professional manner, with all stages explained carefully & thoroughly. Many thanks.

Thank you both for your encouragement during my driving assessment. I have taken your comments on board, I have been driving more recently and I feel more confident. It is good to get back my independence. Thank you both once again.


Excellent service throughout and excellent driving assessor in David Webster.


To all the staff at RDAC, let me say thank you for the gift and more thanks for the thought. The greatest service, I can’t thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought.


Initially quite apprehensive about this, but soon put at ease by the staff. Hopefully I completed all the tasked asked of me to the required standard.


I found it all good, everybody was very nice and helpful.


I would like to say thank you to all with whom I had contacted and also the assessors, for their welcoming smiles, kindness and patience.


Wonderful staff. Thank you.


My experiences with RDAC have always been extremely positive and professional. I have always been treated with dignity and respect and am extremely grateful for the opportunities you have offered me. I would like to thank you very much. The two ladies who conducted my assessment made me feel relaxed and at ease, I could not fault any aspect of their conduct.


Excellent service. Thank you!


I was extremely nervous about having a driving assessment and was immediately put at ease by Henna Zaman and Anita Bennett – my assessment team. They made the whole experience a very positive one and I felt so much more confident in my ability to begin driving again, thanks to their attitude towards me. They were extremely supportive, understanding and encouraging.


From the moment of our arrival at the centre, my wife and I were shown kindness and consideration. We congratulate you all on a well run and efficient organisation. Our sincere thanks for making our visit such a pleasant one.


I would like to thank David and Emily for taking my assessment and making me feel relaxed.


Cath and Ian are model professionals. They were warm and welcoming, and totally put me at ease. I was slightly nervous but completely committed to passing the driving assessment. Couldn’t ask any more of these two people. They are an asset to your organisation.


I found the whole experience interesting and informative. The assessment was carried out in a professional manner, but without causing undue stress. I was also able to discuss alternative hand controls & was shown information on each. The advice given was concise and relevant, as were the recommendations. A really impressive performance!


They came out to me and the service was amazing. Very interesting too. They made me feel as if I could get around on my own.


Test was very professional and fair. Thank you.


I found them very clear and very helpful.


I would like to say how welcoming and friendly were both Ian and Kathleen to me when I visited the assessment centre. They were both very professional in their work.


We found the report very informative and will act upon it at the Naidex Exhibition. .


I would highly recommend the whole team at the Birmingham branch, my whole time spent with them I was made to feel at ease and my disability requirements were also met. Keep up the good work, will definitely recommend.


A good positive experience even with a negative outcome.


David Webster was a very friendly gentleman and we couldn’t fault any of the information that was given while we were here. Thank you and well done.


After a nervous start, the whole experience was enjoyable, thank you.


I would like to express my thanks to you all for the very positive experience that I had when I came to the RDAC on Friday and for the subsequent report which you issued. My husband and I were made welcome and felt at ease. My interview and following driving experience was thorough and clear and both Colin and Danny instilled confidence such that I could drive comfortably after two years of no driving. The instructions were clear and reassuring. I therefore express my sincere thanks to you all.

Ps. Thank you for the multiple copies of the report and for your advice regarding instruction/tuition and for the thoughts regarding adaptations to my car.


I received some excellent advice and the whole session was conducted smoothly and professionally.


Your service is stress free and all your staff cope with queries quickly and efficiently. Thank you for all the help and care I received.


The RDA Centre was excellent in all ways and told me all the information I needed to know, I was very happy with the driving lesson and feel very confident in moving forward to becoming more independent. Thank you to all at the centre.


I would like to thank Mary and Roy for being patient with me during my assessment and for being so extremely considerate to my own and my husbands needs. An excellent team and I’m grateful for all their help. Thank you.


First class assessment, the staff were helpful and caring and put me at ease. First class all around. Thank you.


During and after my visit to the centre I would like to say I found David Webster and Clare Jones opinions and decisions truly professional and accurate. I then understood how hard their jobs can be in making the right decision which is what they did for me. Many thanks to them and the other staff members I met.


Very professional and competent staff. Made you feel at ease and relaxed throughout. Personal confidence has improved and hopefully will be available for a following test next year.


Many thanks for your time and commitment to the task at hand. I felt extremely comfortable, which made a world of difference. Thank you.


I was very nervous prior to this assessment, but need not have worried so much. Both receptionists and staff were extremely helpful and put me at ease the minute I arrived. Many thanks to you all.


After visiting the centre I felt very happy about their assessment of my driving. Making me feel much happier when I entered my car. Thank you.


I was pleased and happy with the whole experience. Thank you.


A truly professional, caring team who provide an equally professional service. They are obviously genuinely interested in the clients and their needs – unlike many other places these days. Thanks and well done to everyone. Keep up the excellent work that you all so obviously enjoy. I’ve used the service twice now and would not hesitate to do so again – or to recommend others. The reception team were particularly welcoming – thanks for the cuppas. Everyone I spoke to by telephone before my visit was very helpful.


Considering my enforced lay off from driving for a sixteen month period, along with adjusting to an unfamiliar vehicle, I felt very comfortable with the assessment experience. I do not feel I have my lack of confidence and fully capable of resuming driving actively.


This second visit was a vast improvement to the first time I went. The couple took their time with me and explored every option with me so I felt comfortable in my mind with the outcome. Thanks so much for the second chance.


Having a car that no longer meets my mobility needs has certainly highlighted the need to choose carefully now. I have no knowledge of adaptations or devices that are available, or indeed what basic requirements the car must have. The advice I received is integral to maintaining my independence and therefore my quality of life. I feel the people present understood this, understood that should we get this wrong, it would effect every aspect of my life.

Thank you.


Found the time to be very good at marking me feel relaxed at a very difficult time and took the assessment at a pace which was suitable for me.


I felt that the assessment was carried out in a way that took into account every aspect of my driving needs and was very positive at the same time.


The assessment was very thorough, built my confidence to drive again and gave very helpful advice. Thank you!


Birmingham Centre couldn’t have been more helpful. Colin Barnett dealt a lot with DVLA on my behalf thereby taking the main onus off myself, being a trike test the whole saga was made more complicated by DVLA and Colin helped enormously with problems and getting any info I requested, all in all was an enjoyable day so many thanks to Colin, Tim and Clare who made the journey to Manchester to assess me.


Thank you for your help and making me feel comfortable. It was nice to be able to meet you and feel safe and not too anxious. I was so close to cancelling and just giving up but your instructor has made this pleasant and easy. Thank you


I think that the opportunities that you provide to disabled people are amazing.


I couldn’t have done it without you


My driving assessment wasn’t at all like a driving test! I felt that staff really understood my health problems and now I have my independance back


Mr Nicholas Bartleet was excellent, very professional. I am a very nervous driver & he put me at ease.


Very pleased with the whole process


I would like to say how comfortable I felt with the way Alan Watson, the driving advisor, was with me and my wife.


Both assessors were excellent in making the whole process as stress free as possible. Their kindness and sensitivity was a very considerable factor in ensuring the experience was a positive one. Both assessors are a very effective and positive reflection on your organisation.


My visit to the centre for my road test was as pleasant and enjoyable as my first visit which was to assess what adaptations were suitable for me. The staff were all kind, caring and understood all my needs.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your kind and devoted attention given to me. I am now happy out driving knowing my pain is much reduced because of your help in guidance with my adaptations.


I found Colin Barnett & Kathleen Moore very helpful and sympathetic to my needs. Having never driven an automatic with hand controls before. Colin explained fully all the controls so I felt confident when setting off. I found the assessment very useful and informative to such an extent that I am now in the process of purchasing an automatic and having it converted.


From my initial contact with RDAC until my actual assessment, I was very impressed with the whole organisation. Friendly, informative and professional. Thank you!