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The following article has just been brought to our attention via the Vision Panel and I thought you may be interested in it’s content.

The HR Director – Monday 1 October ‘Driver eyesight tests “should be compulsory”’  reports that Brake have called for the introduction of compulsory regular eyesight testing for drivers and includes full results from a survey carried out by the road safety charity in conjunction with Specsavers and RSA Insurance Group.

The RDAC fully supports the recommendations in the document above regarding regular eyesight tests and encourage all of our clients to undertake a test before coming for their driving assessments.  It is quite surprising how many clients have new spectacles as a result of this.  It is really tragic when lives are taken when they could so easily have been prevented.

It is often the case that people have concerns that they may have to stop driving due to this. It is their responsibility and I’m sure that if you ask the question no one would like to put other people’s lives at risk.

The DVLA will usually stop people from driving should they not meet the regulations but there are exceptions.  One of these is where someone has a visual field defect, often resulting from a stroke or head injury, where normally you would have to stop driving.  If you have a static field defect but feel that you have been able to compensate for the loss you can apply for a special case review.  This will involve attending for an assessment during which you will have to demonstrate that you are able to compensate for the loss.  If successful you will be granted a licence.

For any concerns involving health and driving please contact us for advice.