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The RDAC interview

Mrs Bailey, a client who attended our outreach Centre in Worcester, recently agreed to take part in a programme for Hereford and Worcester radio.

The show aimed to highlight the difficulties some disabled and elderly drivers face and where they can go for help.

Enid Bailey was first introduced to the Regional Driving Assessment Centre nearly 20 years ago where she was advised on adaptations that should be made to her vehicle to allow her to drive both confidently and safely. She consequently drove with a left foot accelerator.

Due to further recent medical intervention, Enid felt that she needed another assessment in order to ensure that her driving had not been effected.

After being assessed in a dual controlled car and trialling different adaptations, it was concluded that she was safe to continue driving with her existing controls.

Claudia Berry reporting for Hereford and Worcester radio sat in on the assessment and RDAC manager, Colin Barnett, was available to discuss the assessment process which aired on Fri 7th November 2014.

If you would like to hear the show live please click the attached clip.