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Naidex is Europe’s biggest and most far-reaching trade, professional and consumer show dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and lifestyle of people with a disability or impairment.

Naidex is important because it showcases all the options available to people with disabilities of many types. It’s important to recognise that for over 1 billion people living on this planet, disability is a daily part of their lives. Naidex is an industry leader and dedicated event tailored to those living with disability.

Driving is a staple occupation for people in society today. Over 45 million people in the UK hold a drivers’ licence. Many places of work require people to have a drivers’ licence and so it’s a deal breaker for employers too. RDAC have mobility centres around the country that aim to help older and disabled people regain or continue independence while on the road.

There are in life, circumstance which can affect our cognitive ability or physical ability to drive and react as fast as we once could. I cannot stress the importance of being safe to drive, mentally, physically and emotionally. When on the road, you have your own life to take care of, you need to be considerate to the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. There are a number of things that can go wrong on the road, don’t let it be because you haven’t had your car adapted to suit your personal needs.

In a report published by the World Health Organisation, Stephen Hawking himself highlighted the struggle of those with disability and what needs to be done about it; “Governments throughout the world can no longer overlook the hundreds of millions of people with disabilities who are denied access to health, rehabilitation, support, education and employment.”

If that’s not enough, you should be there because RDAC’s very own Lead Occupational Therapist; Clare Jones will be a speaker at the show! We’ll be there as a part of Driving Mobility, for more information click here.

Make sure you come along, it’s begins on the 28th March 2017 and stretches to the 30th March. You can get your free tickets here.