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Resources for Health Professionals

Alzheimer’s Society – Driving with Dementia

If you’re diagnosed with dementia and would like to drive, there are certain legal requirements to consider. Here we take a look at the UK law on dementia and driving.

Website: Alzheimer’s Society

PDF Document: Driving with dementia or mild cognitive impairment

Stroke Association – Driving After A Stroke

After suffering a stroke, you may be eager to get back in the driving seat. This guide explains how stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA) can affect your ability to drive, and the procedures that you should follow with the DVLA (DVA in Northern Ireland) if you want to drive again.

Website: Stroke Association

PDF Document: Driving after a stroke

Headway – The Brain Injury Association

Although we may take it for granted, driving is a very complex activity requiring a number of cognitive and physical skills, as well as the ability to co-ordinate these. Any of these skills may be impaired after a brain injury.

Website: Headway

PDF Document: Driving with a brain injury