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Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Driving Instructors attended the RDAC Health Professional Open Day on 16th June.

During the morning an exciting and well-received programme of talks from the assessment team was delivered. An overview of RDAC, the referral process and the conditions affecting a person’s ability to drive alongside possible solutions were discussed.

Driving and dementia provoked much discussion. If you would like to find out more on this subject, the Alzehimers Society have produced a useful fact sheet titled Driving and dementia which is available to view and download at

In the afternoon delegates enjoyed lunch and spent time exploring the Centre interacting with staff and seeing first hand some of the adaptations available.

Adaptation companies joined us in demonstrating their mobility driving solutions.

Autoadapt a leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility, displayed their VW Caddy with numerous products such as: Driver position:- Turny Evo with BEV seat, Carospeed Menox hand controls, secondary controls, wide range of steering wheel spinners Roof:- Braun Chair Topper, Top Slider person hoistDriver side rear: Turny Orbit with compact seat with Carony GO powered wheelchair transfer system Boot:- Joey Wheelchair Platform lift, Hatch Opener Passenger Side Rear:- Turny HD with BEV kids seat and Crossit posture control harness Front Passenger Side:- Manual Turnout, BEV seat with arm rests, 12″ carony wheelchair transfer system, Tilda, Caroslide (extended seat runners)

Sirus, a leading provider of drive from wheelchair and wheelchair passenger up front vehicles, bought along the Volkswagen I Can drive from wheelchair vehicle. The vehicle had push pull hand controls and a steering ball. For more information on this vehicle visit

Questionnaires completed by attendees provided positive feedback:

“very informative and eye opening presentations about what is out there for physically impaired drivers”

“very well organised with well-informed staff”

RDAC would like to thank all those that attended and hope that we will be able to help many of your future clients.

If you are a health professional and would like further information on our service or a presentation at your premises please contact the centre to arrange this.