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The history of the self driving car began in 1917 and exactly 100 years later, it’s a reality. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of autonomous cars.

So how will autonomous cars change our way of life?

  1. Well, first of all thousands of lives would be saved each year. Millions of people die worldwide on the roads, for a number of reasons. But autonomous cars could potentially half that number because there’s a smaller margin for mistakes without the added implication of human error.  
  2. Carbon Emissions will be dramatically reduced. Driverless cars are built for efficiency, they’re built for optimal performance. If we hold ourselves responsible for the condition of our planet, then we can demand all driverless cars to be powered by electricity and that electricity be the product of renewable energy sources.
  3. Industry experts expect that people will stop owning their own cars, and will prefer carsharing and taxis. It’s way more cost effective to use a fleet car than owning your own.
  4. Traffic will likely disappear, or be dramatically reduced. With cars less likely to be in accidents, better able to judge/communicate with other vehicle routes and more people sharing/less cars on the road, traffic is unlikely going to be much of an issue.
  5. We’ll all have more freetime. Without hours stuck in traffic we’ll all have more free time to do the things we enjoy.
  6. Without the risk of collisions offroad, driving space is likely to decrease because autonomous cars won’t need the extra room. That means we’ll have more room on our pavements for other features. We’ll have no use for so many parking lots, so that space can be used for outdoor cinemas or affordable housing.
  7. Mobility will dramatically improve for everyone. Self driving cars will provide a incredibly useful service for the elderly, allowing them to stay mobile and independent for as long as they can. It will also dramatically improve the standard of living for people with disabilities across the world. Finally, it’s going to empower those who do not own a car to be able to travel without the financial drain that is attached to owning a vehicle.


We are on the horizon of a new age in technology. With technology making advancement at a rate nothing else can compare to, driverless cars will change the landscape of our towns and cities much faster than you’d expect.