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meet our team

We’ve got it all under one roof. From Occupational Therapists, Driving Advisors and Approved Driving Instructors to Administration, Finance and Marketing – and we’re all here to keep you moving forwards. So, if you’re looking for advice and support with less stress, hassle and complications, get in touch with our team today.

Nicola Blakeway

Occupational Therapist & Paediatric Assessment Lead - Shrewsbury

Carlene Nathan

Occupational Therapist - Manchester

Lisa Kakoliris

Driving Advisor - Oxford

Becky Brown

Project Manager

Rebecca Houlden

Assessment Manager

Henry Probert

Administration Officer

Maisie Casey

Administration Manager

Ryan Taylor

Administration Officer

Phil North

Occupational Therapist - Manchester

Martine Summers

Driving Advisor - Oxford

Tim McCabe

Administration Officer

Jane Pellegrini

Administration Officer

Fran Lines

Administration Officer

Debbie Barnett

Finance Officer

Claire Murphy

Project Officer

Carol Anderson

Administration Officer

Mike Gaynor

Approved Driving Instructor

Andrew O’Leary

Approved Driving Instructor

Vicki Kemp

Driving Advisor - Solihull & Leicester

Mark Crocker

Driving Advisor - Solihull & Wolverhampton

Linda Ball

Driving Advisor - Oxford

John Allen

Driving Advisor - Manchester

Henna Zaman

Driving Advisor - Solihull

Guy White

Driving Advisor - Manchester & Accrington

Geoff Wedgwood

Driving Advisor - Worcester

Dominic Hibbin

Assessment Manager

David Webster

Driving Advisor - Cannock & Wolverhampton

Darren Pratt

Driving Advisor - Northampton

Susan Bradley

Occupational Therapist - Manchester & Accrington

SallyAnn Long

Occupational Therapist and Hubs Officer - Hull

Richard Denner

Occupational Therapist - Northampton

Rebecca Richardson

Occupational Therapist & Assessment Lead - Solihull & Leicester

Monika Budde

Occupational Therapist - Oxford

Michaela James

Occupational Therapist - Worcester

Kirsty Flint

Occupational Therapist - Scunthorpe

Jacqueline Guerin

Occupational Therapist - Oxford

Helen Savery

Occupational Therapist - Solihull & Shrewsbury

Emily Clarke

Occupational Therapist & Assessment Lead - Cannock & Wolverhampton

Anne Scott

Occupational Therapist - Solihull & Wolverhampton

Amy Parnell

Occupational Therapist and Hubs Officer - Solihull

Amal Ahmedi

Occupational Therapist & Assessment Lead - Solihull

Ian Welbourne

Driving Advisor & Assessment Lead - Hull & Scunthorpe

Barry Vaughan

Driving Advisor & Vehicle Lead - Solihull

Sean Barratt

Chief Executive Officer

If you are interested in a career with us please contact us.