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If you are looking to get back to driving an HGV/LGV/PSV following an accident, illness or change in your medical condition, we offer fitness to ride cognitive assessments.  

To have an HGV/LGV/PSV Assessment you will first need to complete a car assessment to demonstrate competent driving ability.

The assessment will be conducted by a Driving Advisor and an Occupational Therapist. It will start with an initial consultation and any relevant cognitive exercises to determine your requirements. 

You will be required by law to read a number plate at 20 metres. Any other visual impairment may require further investigation.

The drive is designed to gauge your reaction to standard driving conditions. The route is designed to check that you are in full control of the vehicle, you are aware of what is going on around you and you are able to make safe decisions. 

At the end of the assessment we will discuss and advise what you should do next and wherever possible we will make recommendations to improve either the vehicle control or your technique in order for you to return to or continue to drive safely. 

You should allow approximately two hours for the assessment, although actual driving time will be around 45 minutes. This is to allow you to move through each stage of the assessment at your own pace. 

Following the assessment a full comprehensive report will be written which you will receive 10-14 working days after the assessment, unless this is a DVLA referral in which case the report will only be sent to them.

If you are referred through an NHS Healthcare Professional or the DVLA then the referral is free of charge. If you wish to refer yourself then this carries a fee of £99, plus any additional costs for vehicle hire. This cost varies depending on location.

HGV/LGV/PSV assessment are only available at the following centres:

  • Accrington
  • Manchester
  • Solihull
  • Oxford