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Age UK helps millions of people every year, providing support, companionship, and advice. They are a strong voice, campaigning with and for older people to champion their rights, needs and wishes. You search for support on a regional basis using the second link listed above. You can find out about home help, foot care, handyperson services, exercise classes, IT training, transport, dementia support, shopping and social activities.

Find out about the variety of services offered for people who have served this country and now have physical disabilities and complex needs. The support provided can be anything from the social and recreation programme through to concerts, speech therapy and wheelchair clinics.

Search for symptoms of dementia, how to get a diagnosis, events, fundraising and campaigns. You can also access the Dementia Helpline and learn how an Admiral Nurse can help. There is also information on types of dementia, understanding changes in behaviour, maintaining health during dementia, legal and financial information, taking care of yourself as a carer. You can also find out about young dementia as well as support for young people who know someone with dementia.

Find different aids to increase your mobility, comfort and posture. There is also advice about health, travel, technology, exercise and cars and accessories.

This charity provides loving, compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia. There are homes in Solihull, Surbiton, and High Wycombe.

If you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, then you can find information and support on this website. Find out about exercising with Parkinson’s, how to manage your diet, different equipment and living aids, going to hospital, getting around and how to tell people you have Parkinson’s when you go on holiday. Read about other people’s experience of living with the condition and see how this can help prepare you for travelling and getting around. You can also find information for your patients.

If you are part of the armed services community, this organisation supports any wounded, injured or sick serving men or women and any veteran with a disability, illness, or infirmity. Some activities are physically challenging with the aim of developing self-confidence and others are to get you socialising. You could get involved with outings, holidays, and concerts! The main aim is to combat isolation and loneliness.