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Sometimes drivers may have difficulty getting in or out of a vehicle.

Our access assessments are tailored to an individual’s needs and will begin with a comprehensive discussion about your needs, your expectations of the assessment and of the options that are available to you. 

This will cover:

  • Physical ability, medical condition and prognosis
  • What specifically is difficult in terms of getting in/out of the vehicle?
  • What are the safety concerns?
  • Seating and posture when in the vehicle as a driver or passenger
  • Current vehicle or alternative vehicle
  • Wheelchair and Scooter stowage if required
  • Carers health and ability
  • Lifestyle requirements

We have a range of options including the use of specialist transfer and stowage equipment and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Wherever possible we will trial the equipment to assess its suitability and include solutions to any foreseeable access problems. In circumstance where we do not have specific equipment available that you require for your needs, we may liaise with external specialists to enquire on what they offer.

After we have trailed the equipment we will have a discussion about your thoughts on its suitability to your present needs and possible solutions to any foreseeable access problems. 

Following the assessment, we would provide a full, comprehensive report discussing our findings, with added recommendations, and relevant contact options (suppliers and equipment specialists) etc. Please ensure you provide complete address details on your referral to enable us to send you the report. This will arrive within 10-14 working days from the date of the assessment.