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Humberside Airport

It will significantly assist your journey if you discuss any special requirements in advance when you make your travel arrangements or book a holiday. This applies to all booking methods – travel agents, websites or by telephone (Customers using an internet booking service will usually find a relevant telephone number on the website). Prior notification to the airline and airport will facilitate a much smoother and comfortable process for you and your journey.

Special Assistance – Humberside Airport

Parking for blue badge holders

Blue Badge holders are not allowed to stop on the airport roads, in the bus layby or on any restricted part of the road network unless in an emergency. Please make your way to car park 1 and call for assistance via the intercom which will be provided free of charge.

Walking distances

  • Car park 1 to information desk = 75 Meters
  • Information desk to check in = 22 Meters
  • Check in to security = 38 Meters
  • Security to the departure lounge = 25 – 45 Meters
  • Arrivals hall to car park 1 = 135 Meters or 01652 682080

Special Assistance


If you need to borrow a wheelchair whilst at the airport, please contact the airport staff at the Information Desk located in the main check-in hall. These are available free of charge, subject to availability.

If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, you will be able to utilise this up until the point when you board the aircraft.

For inbound passengers you will normally be reunited with your wheelchair once present in the arrivals area in line with our published quality standards.

If your wheelchair is found to be damaged on arrival, we operate a wheelchair loan scheme which is available to you until your own device is repaired/replaced.

Travelling with mobility equipment

For those passengers taking a mobility aid – such as a scooter or wheelchair – onto the aircraft, your airline must be advised in advance preferably at the time of booking.

You should provide details to your airline, tour operator or travel agent which outline the dimension, weight, make and model of the mobility aid.

You will be able to travel with your mobility aid from arrival at the airport up until the point of boarding the aircraft.

The ground handling team will ensure your mobility aid is made safe for carriage on the plane and you or a person in your travelling party may be required to liaise with the team to ensure the mobility aid is immobilised.

You will be reunited with your mobility aid at the aircraft side after disembarking. In the unlikely event there is any damage to your mobility equipment, our Special Assistance team will make every effort to provide you with a temporary replacement.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed into the terminal building and may travel on the aircraft, providing they comply with the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS). For advice on flying with your assistance dog visit