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Nearest airports

Manchester Airport – 28 Miles

Official website for Manchester Airport


Liverpool Airport – 35 Miles

Welcome to Liverpool John Lennon Airport | Liverpool Airport


Leeds Bradford Airport – 30 Miles

Welcome to Leeds Bradford, Yorkshire’s Airport | Leeds Bradford Airport


If you have any queries about reduced mobility assistance at the Airport, call your airline.

Requesting Assistance | Manchester Airport

Welcome to Liverpool John Lennon Airport | Liverpool Airport

Special assistance | Leeds Bradford Airport


Parking for blue badge holders


Blue badge parking is available in all car parks, blue badge holders will have access to the forecourt where the traffic marshals can assist.

Disabled Car Parking – Blue Badge Parking | Manchester Airport



Travelling passengers who hold a valid Blue Badge can reclaim up to 40 minutes free parking in our Express Pick-up & Drop-off car park.

To apply for a refund please email a copy of your blue badge and your travel documents (both documents must be issued in same name) to  Please include your vehicle registration in order to verify time spent in car park, and proof of payment is required.  If payment made using a debit/credit card, please provide the first six and the last four digits of the card used.  If payment made using cash, please ensure you obtain a receipt and include a copy in your correspondence.

Please be advised you must press for a receipt before making payment, receipt will not be issued if you pay before selecting receipt button.

Refunds only apply to stays under 40 minutes.  Should you exceed 40 minutes in the car park the standard tariff applies and no refund will be issued.

If you have any questions regarding Blue Badge parking at Liverpool Airport, please email us at

Disabled & Blue Badge Parking | Liverpool John Lennon Airport (


Leeds Bradford

Passengers can be picked up or dropped off in our Pick Up & Drop Off car park with blue badge bays for up to 60 minutes for £5 on the production of a valid blue badge. The terminal is a 1-minute walk from this car park.

Blue Badge Parking | Leeds Bradford Airport


Special Assistance

If you require special assistance while at the airport you should inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent at least 48 hours before you fly. It is best to give as much notice as possible both for your outbound and return journeys so the necessary arrangements can be made to give you the assistance you require.

Your airline will pass on your special assistance booking prior to your arrival at the airport. If you arrive at the airport and haven’t booked in advance, all reasonable efforts will be made to assist you.

If you require assistance on arrival at the airport, you should locate the nearest call point to request assistance and you will be assisted to your chosen method of check-in.

Most of the airport is on one level. Within the departure lounge, there is a lift for passengers to gain access to the first floor. Accessible toilets are located on the main concourse and within the departure lounge.


Special Assistance Home | Manchester Airport

Welcome to Liverpool John Lennon Airport | Liverpool Airport

Special assistance | Leeds Bradford Airport


Travelling with mobility equipment

For those passengers taking a mobility aid – such as a scooter or wheelchair – onto the aircraft, your airline must be advised in advance preferably at the time of booking.

All clients have the right to stay in their own wheelchair up to the door of the aircraft and should have it there at the door to the aircraft when exiting.

BHTA guide for flying. Provides information on wheelchair and scooter specifications.


You should provide details to your airline, tour operator or travel agent which outline the dimension, weight, make and model of the mobility aid.

You will be able to travel with your mobility aid from arrival at the airport up until the point of boarding the aircraft.

The ground handling team will ensure your mobility aid is made safe for carriage on the plane and you or a person in your travelling party may be required to liaise with the team to ensure the mobility aid is immobilised.

You will be reunited with your mobility aid at the aircraft side after disembarking. In the unlikely event there is any damage to your mobility equipment, our Special Assistance team will make every effort to provide you with a temporary replacement.

Laws in other countries are not always the same so don’t assume when travelling that at the other end the support/assistance will be the same as that provided in the UK. You would always need to check and plan accordingly.


Transfer equipment

Hoists and additional seating support is generally available, but you would need to check with specific airlines. You can lease equipment for the flight as well but need to check with airline to make sure it can be used.


Batteries on aircrafts

The batteries that power wheelchairs and mobility aids are considered dangerous goods when carried by air. These and some other dangerous goods that are permitted for carriage by passengers can be transported safely by air provided certain safety requirements are met.

Passengers may only travel with a battery-powered

mobility aid with the airline’s approval. Proper prenotification by the user helps to ensure that:

▪ all in the transportation chain know what device(s) and battery type(s) they are transporting.

▪ how to properly load and handle them; and

▪ what to do if an incident or accident occurs either in-flight or on the ground.

Powered chairs must have the Airsafe Power Inhibitor for safety.



You are allowed to carry essential medications including medicinal liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage and any medical equipment if it is essential for your journey. You will need a letter from your doctor to travel with the medicine to prove this is prescribed.

For further information Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports: Medicines, medical equipment and dietary requirements – GOV.UK (


Assistance Dogs

You may take your Assistance dog into the terminal with you. It’s important to remember that guide dogs can only travel if they are registered with the Pet Travel Scheme and if allowed by your airline and holiday destination. For further information on travelling with an assistance dog, please visit the dedicated webpage on the website: