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County Advice Overview

Dial a ride and community minibuses schemes provide a bookable service for people who have problems accessing public transport, for example if you live too far from a bus stop, find it difficult getting on and off public buses, or there is no bus service nearby.

All vehicles are wheelchair accessible and safety-trained drivers will help you to board and with anything else you need on your journey.

You do not need to be registered disabled or use a wheelchair to be eligible but must register for the service.

They are not-for-profit organisations and only charge based on their actual operating costs, so the fare you pay will be competitive with public transport costs in most cases. Fares are much cheaper than taxis and there is sometimes a reduced rate for bus pass holders.

Not all Schemes can take you to hospital appointments or day care centres. These appointments should be arranged by your doctor, the hospital or social services.


Dial a Ride

Community Minibuses

Car Club

Lift Share

Voluntary Car Schemes


You can contact Oxfordshire council for more information below;

Contact Community Transport | Oxfordshire County Council

Community Transport Association

Organisation | Community Transport Association (

West Oxfordshire Community Transport

Home – West Oxfordshire Community Transport (

Community First Oxfordshire

Community Transport | Community First Oxfordshire (

Community Transport Oxford 

About Us – Community Transport Oxford ( tp manche

Community Cars

Managed by a mixture of volunteers and charities, community cars can help people to stay independent, participate in their communities and access vital public services and employment. They can help you go shopping, get medical appointments, visit friends and family, or have a good day out.

Most need to be booked in advance and may have eligibility criteria you need to meet.

Practical things to think about and questions to ask when looking for a community transport provider.

What type of journey are you making? Some schemes are specific and can only help in certain situations e.g., medical appointments.

  • Are you eligible to use the scheme?
  • Does the scheme cover your area? There are many good neighbour volunteer schemes in rural parts of the country that are for people in live in those villages.
  • How much notice is required to book a trip?
  • Is there a cost involved?
  • How to book?
  • Does it meet any accessibility requirements you have? E.g., Wheelchairs and scooters. Getting in and out of the car.

Car Scheme Operators

Vale Community Impact – 01235 765 348

Transport Volunteer Service | Vale Community Impact (

Aspire Community Transport – 01865 244 989

Our Community Transport bus service is a lifeline for elderly people who are unable to use public transport and can find it difficult to leave their homes. If you, or someone you know, would like to be able to meet new people and enjoy shopping and social activities, we can help!

Community transport | Aspire Oxfordshire Community Enterprise Ltd

Alzheimer’s Society – 0300 150 3456

Dementia-friendly transport | Alzheimer’s Society (

Public transport can be a lifeline for older people who are no longer able to drive. Find out how services can make a real difference to people living with dementia.

Paid Companion Driving Services.

Helping Hands – 0333 060 4041

Shopping Services for the Elderly – Errands for Seniors | Helping Hands (

While many people consider care to be support with personal care or medication administration, we also focus on the other tasks many may forget such as running errands, grocery shopping and support with social activities.

We provide services to assist with your day-to-day life, whether you are too busy to pop out to pick up your prescription or have an urgent errand that needs running. With special attention to only helping with the aspects you want by adapting to your changing needs, our support can make the world of difference.