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Here at RDAC, we understand the importance of independence. From visiting friends and family to investing time into much loved hobbies, we want to help our clients find safe and appropriate ways for them to get out and about and do the things they love most.

However, not all clients can get back behind the wheel or don’t feel comfortable in doing so. With this sometimes being the case, our teams look to alternatives.

This is where The Hub comes in. Recently launched, our teams at RDAC have created a mobile service that allows users to find alternatives to driving. Advising on available local transport routes, wheelchair accessible transport plus international planning, The Hub is constantly evolving and seeking out to clients on what they want to know and need.

To further the progression and advancements made to The Hub, our team at RDAC will be carrying out future discussions with community transport, bus services, coach travel, taxis, light rails, trams, trains, ferries, cross channel ferries and making use of ShopMobility.

As the UK has implemented infrastructure to improve equality, many forms of transport services have now been made more accessible for disabled people. However, it remains imperative that The Hub continues to strive in helping those who are planning to travel outside of the country, due to the downshift in accessible transport or disabled facilities.

Those who are recorded as a disabled passenger often don’t know all their rights and may be unaware of disability inclusive activities in their local area. So, made to support and advise in this area, The Hub continually analyses reported data to provide the most updated travel alternatives.